Pepe Stake

Pepe Stake is the first decentralized / immutable / trustless community staking protocol for Pepe. It provides passive income for PEPE by minting stPEPE which only rises in value

By the Numbers

Pepe Stake is growing and now is the time to join






stPEPE Supply


PEPE Staked


Benefits of
minting stPEPE

Pepe Stake is a store of value backed by PEPE that only goes up in value. Pepe Stake has zero transfer or dev fees, a low 5% fee is charged on minting and redemption. stPEPE grows in value linearly and is fully backed by the PEPE deposited with zero reliance on third party liquidity.

Sustainable Yield

On Pepe Stake you can participate in yield and value generation that is generated 100% by community activity.

Stable Decentralized Finance

Pepe Stake is a great way to earn value long term with PEPE and stPEPE. Pepe Stake is unstoppable and onchain!

Sleek, Responsive, and Simple

Pepe Stake is designed to work well on both desktop and mobile. stPEPE autocompounds PEPE, always increasing in value.

A Bankteller Production

Play to win and sleep well at night. As always, built with love.